The Great Rock and Roll Flea Market!

By Daniel Corey

It was a beautiful day in L.A.: sunny and cool, pretty much perfect SoCal weather. No time for leisure, though, as I had a very busy Saturday ahead: there was writing to be done in the afternoon, and a show to cover in the evening. But FB informed me that The Great Rock and Roll Flea Market was happening at the Regent Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, so I had to stop in and take a look.

Lots of used vinyl, t-shirts and memorabilia. Definitely must-see for the serious vinyl collector, or the casually curious. One dealer even specialized in imported titles.

The R&R Flea Market is a monthly occurrence. It’s free and fun. I’d recommend checking it out. Follow them on Facebook for updates:

I’m going to see Jim Wilson play with his band Pearl at Molly Malone’s later tonight, so stay tuned for an update!

– DC