ToneWoodAmp at NAMM 2020

By Daniel Corey

The ToneWoodAmp

The ToneWoodAmp team is clearly doing their job: I knew about this device prior to arriving at NAMM 2020. In fact, I had researched it enough to want to seek it out and demo it at the show. I’m glad I did.

I had a chance to talk to Dave Arnold of ToneWoodAmp, a young company based in Phoenix, Arizona. In short, the ToneWoodAmp attaches to the back of your acoustic guitar, and it gifts your instrument’s natural sound with built-in effects. The effects don’t require an external amplifier to be heard: they ring right through the guitar’s sound hole, blending seamlessly with the guitar’s natural sound.

Check out the video below to see our conversation.

For more info on the ToneWoodAmp, check out their website at

– DC

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