Dianthus Brings Melodic Prog Metal to NAMM 2020

By Daniel Corey

With Jessica and Jackie Parry,
aka Dianthus

It was a crazy Saturday night at NAMM 2020: read all about it in my previous article. I was hanging with Batfarm troublemakers Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse, and we saw Steve Vai, Nita Strauss and Zakk Wylde all play on the same night.

In the midst of the metal melee of the Schecter party, Alexx introduced me to Jessica and Jackie Parry, aka Dianthus. Now, I’m going to pay attention to any band that gets the Batfarm stamp of approval. I took a little time to converse with them, and I asked them to do an interview at the show the next day.

With Dianthus at the NAMM
Schecter Party

That evening, I checked out Dianthus’ music, and I was extremely impressed. These ladies have created some driving, complex, goth-infused metal that shines darkly, but rings with hope. They are very skilled musicians and impressive businesspeople.

I met up with Jackie and Jessica the next day on the show floor. They signed a CD for me, and we had a great conversation about their music. Check out the video below!

Learn more about Dianthus at their homepage: https://www.dianthuslive.com/

Buy their album Worth Living For on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/worth-living-for/1402337343

More about Batfarm on their homepage: https://batfarmband.com/

And buy their music on Apple Music: https://www.apple.com/us/search/batfarm?src=serp

Happy listening, DangerKatts!

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