The Spider Accomplice Celebrates VDAY at The Federal NoHo

Text and Photos by Daniel Corey

VK Lynne,
Lead Vocalist for The Spider Accomplice

It was a raucous and joyful Valentines Day at The Federal NoHo on Friday night. A group of fantastic bands were raising money for, an organization that self-defines as “a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.” There was a feeling of positively and goodwill in the air.

The Spider Accomplice

The lineup cleverly consisted of bands and artists starting with the letter “V”: Vedant Joshi, Velodrone, Vattica and Viserra. I was in attendance to catch one act in particular: L.A.-based goth/modern rock duo The Spider Accomplice, who were—for the purposes of this particular show—billed under the name of their lead vocalist, VK Lynne.

VK Lynne

I had met VK a week earlier while watching my friends Batfarm play The Mint with Andie K of The Key of F. VK was one cool Katt, and any friend of Batfarm is a friend of DangerKatt. So, Andie and I made it a point to see The Spider Accomplice play the VDAY benefit show. We’re very happy that we did.

Shadowstars by The Spider Accomplice

The Spider Accomplice has a darkly gothic vibe and wonderful stage presence. Lead vocalist VK Lynne possesses a beautiful, adrenaline-filled voice and stage craft that commands your attention. Guitarist and backing vocalist Arno Nurmisto is an impressive fellow of great height and gravitas who deftly shreds his Gibson SG while effortlessly singing high harmonies over VK’s leads. The duo’s voices blend handsomely, fusing elegantly with Arno’s symphonic guitar leads.

VK Lynne and Arno Nurmisto
aka The Spider Accomplice

The message of The Spider Accomplice seems to be one of hope: they recognize the state of the world and its current darkness, but their songs seem to skew toward victory over the bleakness.

Arno Nurmisto

On an interesting side note: Arno is from Finland, and came to the U.S. to play soccer at the University of Central Florida, which is—along with Full Sail University—one of my two alma maters. Our attendance even overlapped by a few years! Such a crazy life, that I should meet this gent from Finland in Los Angeles, and be able to talk to him about the UC6 Cinema and pizza joint that used to be on University Boulevard across 434 from UCF.

VK Lynne

I’m very happy to have found The Spider Accomplice, and I look forward to hearing them play more. More than that, they are both a couple of cool Katts, and I anticipate more good times just hanging and talking with them.

With VK Lynne and Andie K

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Happy listening, DangerKatts!

– Daniel Corey

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