DangerKatt Interviews Jim Wilson for Bass Musician Magazine!

Text and Photos by Daniel Corey

Jim Wilson

I’m very excited to have my first feature published in Bass Musician Magazine! I had the opportunity to interview Jim Wilson, who is a mega-talented singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassist/musicologist! Check it out at Bass Musician Magazine’s homepage!

Jim performing with PEARL

I met Jim about year ago; I had been going to see him play with Daniel Lanois and Heavy Sun at various L.A. locations for some time. Recently, during Heavy Sun’s residency at Zebulon in Atwater Village, I was able to hook Jim for the interview. My excellent friend Alexx Calise (of Batfarm fame!) has a relationship with Bass Musician, and got it set up. Because Alexx is magic.

Any excuse to post a picture of myself
with Alexx Calise

Another exciting facet of the story is that I had the chance to interview Daniel Lanois about Jim. I’ve been a fan of Daniel’s ever since high school, when buddy Brian Mitchell and I started listening to the U2 and Peter Gabriel albums that he produced. Since then, I have developed a deep love for Daniel’s solo singer/songwriter albums, as well, including Acadie, For the Beauty of Wynona, Shine, Rockets, Here is What Is, and many others.

Jim Wilson and Pearl Aday

All told, I probably took a few thousand photos, narrowed it down to about 25, and then the magazine ran six. The following are some of the photos that didn’t make their way into the final piece. Enjoy!

Please check out Jim’s new website at https://jimwilsonrocks.com/, connect with his social channels and buy his music!

And, again, go read my interview with Jim at Bass Musician Magazine!

– Daniel Corey

Jim Wilson with his Epiphone bass
in the kitchen at Zebulon
Jim Wilson and Johnny Shepherd
perform with Heavy Sun at Zebulon
Jim Wilson harmonizing
with Daniel Lanois
Jim Wilson and Johnny Shepherd
Jim Wilson, Daniel Lanois and Johnny Shepherd
Jim Wilson and Daniel Lanois