MAKERS Episode VI: Musician/Producer Lee Christian

by Daniel Corey

Hello, DangerKatts! Welcome to Episode VI of MAKERS, where I speak with artists who make and shape culture! This week, we welcome musician/producer/so much more Lee Christian to the MAKERS stage!

Lee Christian

Lee Christian was a prominent figure in the Oxford music scene for over 10 years as an artist, producer, remixer, event organizer and radio DJ. He’s probably best-known for fronting formidable alternative rock band Smilex for over a decade, and among his accomplishments with Smilex, he impressively provided support for punk legends The Damned. He also involves himself in countless diverse musical projects like The Prohibition Smokers Club, BoyWithAToy and Chateaux69. He now lives a semi hermitic lifestyle in Bath UK, developing his eclectic musical and artistic influences, and he has also has his own company, QuickFix Recordings. Lee’s style is very diverse and impressive, so check out the video to learn all about it!

Daniel Corey Interviews Lee Christian

Check out Lee’s solo work, as well as QuickFix Recordings on Bandcamp. Also, be sure to swing by the QuickFix Recordings homepage. And don’t miss the graceful ragings of Smilex on Spotify.

Lee Christian
Lee Christian

Until next time, enjoy the music, DangerKatts!

  • Daniel Corey