A Visit to Angel City Guitars

by Daniel Corey

Angel City Guitars

My wife and I were out on a Saturday drive through Topanga Canyon today, just wanting to be free of quarantine for a bit. She just happened to spot a place called Angel City Guitars on the map, so we decided to drop in for a visit.

Angel City Guitars turned out to be a very classy shop, featuring mostly high-end instruments from boutique makers like Shabat, Paoletti, Friedman, and Nik Huber. They also had a few high-end creations from Fender’s Custom Shop and Gibson.

We were greeted by owner Olay Andac, who was very welcoming and made us feel at home. He invited me to try anything I wanted, helped me set up, and let me do my thing. Very nice to have a shop owner be so courteous and accommodating.

Me, playing a Shabat Lion GB
Photo by Brenda Corey

I had a chance to play a wonderful Shabat Lion GB with Lollar pickups. I first learned about Shabat Guitars from friend Keven Eknes, who is a world-class guitarist (check out his music!).

Keven Eknes
Photo by Daniel Corey

The play on this Shabat Lion GB was exquisite, sounding through an excellent Friedman amp. The action was wonderfully smooth across the maple fingerboard and C neck, and the Lollar pickups hummed gloriously. A fantastic experience of play.

Me, playing a Mario Martin
T-Style Vintage Amber
Photo by Brenda Corey

I also quite enjoyed playing this Mario Martin T-Style Vintage Amber. The swamp ash body and “Chunky C+” maple neck had a great feel, and the Budz 543 pickups crackled with a lively Tele spank.

Me, playing a Paoletti
Nancy Lounge Thinline
Photo by Brenda Corey

Also of note was this lovely Paoletti Nancy Lounge Thinline with its teak fingerboard, brass pick guard, chestnut body and Paoletti P90 pickups. Olay told us that Paoletti builds their guitars from 100-year-old wine barrels, which would explain their extra heft and tone quality.

Me, playing a Mario Martin
T-Style Vintage Amber
Photo by Brenda Corey

Overall, a very pleasant Saturday visit to Angel City Guitars. I promised Olay that I’d tell my friends about him, so that is what I’m doing now!

Visit Angel City Guitars’ homepage and Instagram. If you’re not local, you can order from their website, which is where Olay said they do most of their business.

If you are local, here’s their address: Angel City Guitars
4865 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(747) 259-9900

Just be careful, wear a mask and be socially distant when you visit! And tell Olay that I sent you!

Enjoy the music, DangerKatts! Until next time!

Daniel Corey