Mondo Cozmo Goes “Automatic” at The Hi Hat

Text and Photos by Daniel Corey

Joshua Ostrander, aka Mondo Cozmo

I first saw Mondo Cozmo live a little over two years ago, when he and his band played support to a bigger act at a festival here in Los Angeles. That was the first time that I saw MC play, and I was absolutely blown away by his sense of celebration and joy. It was that rare occasion where the support band outshone everyone else on the bill.

I’ve been hoping for a chance to catch the band again, and here, the night before my birthday, they stormed full force onto stage at The Hi Hat in Highland Park.

Mondo Cozmo is the handle for singer/songwriter Joshua Ostrander, who is a gifted performer that knows how to connect with his audience. Songs such as Come with Me and Thunder roused the audience to a sense of celebratory fun, while tracks like Shine and Automatic brought the crowd to a sense of rapture and joy.

The evening was a non-stop party, with Ostrander stopping several times to thank the audience and recognize what a good moment it was. And it was a good moment, indeed, for us all.

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Happy listening, DangerKatts!

– Daniel Corey

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