“Traffic Light”: DangerMusic for Feb Birthdays!

by Daniel Corey

Daniel Corey
Photo by Alexx Calise
#RawkPortrait style edits by Daniel Corey

It’s February! The month when things REALLY get started. I live in Los Angeles, and let me tell you, studio execs and all of the various TV/film mucky-mucks don’t really get back from the holidays until about now. As a result, December-January has us creatives in a holding pattern!

As I write this, it is Thursday, February 6th. My birthday is tomorrow, February 7th! So, in honor of all February birthdays, us folks that just want to start life rolling again, here is an impromptu acoustic-tap tune that I am calling “Traffic Light.”

Daniel Corey performs Traffic Light

The song is meant to capture a sense of anticipation, that feeling you get while you’re stuck at a red light, just waiting for takeoff. But, hey, if you’re jamming like this during the red lights of life, the wait must be part of the journey!

Photo by Alexx Calise
#RawkPortrait style edits by Daniel Corey

As most days, I am playing my Fender Montara acoustic, which I received as a Christmas gift from my parents when I was 16. Which was (coughs) years ago now.

Birthday wish: Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster??? Anyone???

Happy listening, DangerKatts! Bless all you February birthdays out there! And to everyone that is just waiting for life to get going! The green light is coming! Love y’all!

  • Daniel Corey