CRACKSMEN Makes Coverfly’s Red List!

by Daniel Corey

Cracksmen poster art by Anthony Diecidue,
logo by Dave Lanphear

Hello, DangerKatts! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. As you know, the world has changed over the past few weeks. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there.

I want to share a little good news with you: my spec screenplay Cracksmen has placed on Coverfly’s Red List! Ranked #4 in the top Sci-Fi Features for this month! Check it out on their website!

What does this mean, exactly? Well, Coverfly is a service that screenwriters can use to submit their work to contests and festivals. You upload your screenplay to the site, fill out a profile for the script, then every time you find a competition that you’re interested in, you can submit with the click of a button. Each time you place in a contest, your script gets points. Scripts that earn a certain score get ranked on the Red List. It’s a nice way of earning a credential for your writing.

Here’s the logline for Cracksmen:

Cracksmen are a new class of criminal that specialize in slipping into an alternate dimension to commit crimes. Jake is one of the best, but to escape the mob, he has to strike a deal that will get him in trouble with syndicates on both sides of reality.

Quick one-liner: Inter-dimensional cat burglers. Think The Matrix meets Heat.

Cracksmen poster art
by Anthony Diecidue

A while back, I commissioned artist Anthony Diecidue to create this beautiful poster art for me. You can check out more of his work at his website.

Once again, if you’d like to check out Coverfly’s April Sci-Fi Red List, you can find it HERE. Ranked #4 out of 20 this month!

Also, if you click the trophy and word bubble icons under the title, you’ll see the various competitions Cracksmen has scored in, as well as the fact that it made the top 20% for the Nicholl Fellowship a few years ago! What is the Nicholl Fellowship? Offered by the Motion Picture Academy, the Nicholl Fellowship is one of the most prestigious screenwriting competitions there is! That ranking hadn’t previously been posted on the Nicholl website, but now I have public record of it!

That’s all for now, DangerKatts! Take care of yourselves! Stay inside and wash your hands! Love y’all!

  • Daniel Corey