PROPHET and CRACKSMEN Make the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards!

By Daniel Corey

PROPHET and CRACKSMEN poster art
by Anthony Diecidue

Excellent news this weekend, fellow DangerKatts! Two of my screenplays have have achieved accolades from the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards!

But first, let’s back up a bit: Saturday was a banner day for DangerKatt Central. In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to participate in the Five Friends Online Benefit Concert, raising funds for the Recording Academy’s MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Five Friends Artists: Batfarm (Alexx Calise
and Dennis Morehouse), Daniel Corey (Me!), Andie K, VK Lynne and Mark Tiger

I teamed up with Batfarm, Andie K, VK Lynne and Mark Tiger for a streaming show that went excellently well. Each artist did three songs, and everyone was amazing! I’ll post the link for the archived video when it’s available. (UPDATE: you can watch it here!) I performed three songs that I wrote, titled Waiting for Sky, Nearsighted, and Hear the Sound.

Then, just hours later, I was notified that two of my screenplays have ranked in the Los Angeles International Screenplay Competition: my original sci-fi/action screenplay CRACKSMEN is a quarterfinalist, and my adaptation of my PROPHET graphic novel is a semifinalist!

Cracksmen cover art
by Anthony Diecidue

If you’ve been following me here, you’ll know that CRACKSMEN also recently made the Red List on Coverfly, another exciting development. Additionally, CRACKSMEN ranked in the top 20 percent for the Nicholl Award, was a quarterfinalist for the Page Awards and a semifinalist for the Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

Here’s the CRACKSMEN logline:

Cracksmen are a new class of criminal that specialize in slipping into an alternate dimension to commit crimes. Jake is one of the best, but to escape the mob, he has to strike a deal that will get him in trouble with syndicates on both sides of reality.

Quick one-liner:

Inter-dimensional cat burglers. Think The Matrix meets Heat.

Prophet cover art
by Anthony Deicidue

PROPHET is adapted from my first graphic novel, which was written by me and drawn by Anthony Diecidue. Originally published by DangerKatt in 2009, I recently made the book available as a free download.

PROPHET also recently ranked in the Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition, as well as the John Milius Screenplay Competition. If you check out Prophet’s IMDb page, you will see that a big-screen version is currently in development with award-winning director James Cotten.

Here’s the logline:

A gunslinging drifter braves a post-apocalyptic wasteland to save a young girl from a ruthless warlord.

Quick one-liner:

Constantine meets Fistful of Dollars, or Deadwood meets Hellboy.

Thanks for tuning in, DangerKatts! It’s been a tough season of quarantine, but I hope these small accounts of success encourage you to look for the successes in your daily routine. Feel free to tweet me at @DangerKatt and let me know what you’re up to, what you’re working on and what’s making you happy right now.

Happy creating! Have a great week! Love y’all.

– Daniel Corey