MAKERS Episode II: DJ and Producer The Subtheory

by Daniel Corey

Andy Hill, aka The Subtheory,
speaks with Daniel Corey on MAKERS EP II

In this latest episode of MAKERS, I had the pleasure of speaking with DJ and producer Andy Hill concerning his synth-based alter ego, The Subtheory. According to Andy’s website bio, The Subtheory’s sound speaks of his experience splitting time between the UK and Los Angeles. His music draws from a darker, grittier version of a neo-retro dystopia: Blade Runner noir meets cyberpunk detective.

Andy’s music has been featured on BBC primetime TV, in Working Title films, and on TV sports like the Olympics, Boxing, American and European Football, and the legendary Match of the Day. He also recently collaborated with fellow Maker Kellindowhom I interviewed in my inaugural broadcast–to remix Kellindo’s song, Summertime.

I had a great chat with Andy, and he gave me the lowdown on his latest EP, Impact. Check out the video below to learn all about it!

MAKERS Episode II: The Subtheory

During the course of our interview, Andy and I talk about the first track on Impact, titled Video Crash 83. It turns out, the inspiration for the cut had to do with the Atari 2600 gaming system, and I wanted to be sure to include a few fun links relevant to our discussion: the upcoming Atari hotel in Las Vegas, and the documentary film Atari: Game Over, which you can stream on Amazon.

Buy Impact and all of The Subtheory’s previous music on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon, and stream on Spotify.

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Andy Hill, aka The Subtheory

Thanks for tuning in, DangerKatts! See you next time on MAKERS!

Daniel Corey