MAKERS Episode I: Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Kellindo

by Daniel Corey

Kellindo speaks with Daniel Corey on MAKERS Episode I

Welcome to MAKERS, a new show that I’ll be doing here at DangerKatt Central, where I’ll be interviewing artists who shape and make culture!

In Episode I, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Kellindo: guitarist, singer, and songwriter, well-known as the guitarist for Janelle Monae on her four Grammy-nominated albums, as well as her live touring band. He’s also a solo recording artist who has just released a new single, Long Gone, a precursor to his upcoming rock opera album, Shattered Rhapsody. Just hit play on the video below to check it out!

MAKERS Episode I, starring Kellindo

Check out Kellindo’s artist profile on iTunes and Amazon and buy his new single Long Gone, as well as his other releases!

Kellindo with Janelle Monae
Image Credit: Sachyn Mital

Important links:

Follow and stream Kellindo on Spotify and YouTube.

Check out Kellindo’s homepage, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Kellindo Performing Live
Image credit: Natasha Moustache/WireImage

Thanks for tuning in, DangerKatts! See you next time on MAKERS!

  • Daniel Corey