MAP OF THE WORLD: A Year of Faces, Moods, and Triumphs

Photos and Text by Daniel Corey

The MAP OF THE WORLD cover image: photo and composite by me, over an image of my own face.

Hello, DangerKatts!

I wanted to check in to let you know about a project that I have been working on over the past year titled Map of the World, a conceptual photography series that I created during quarantine. It’s a photographic exploration, of sorts, that takes place across the surface of my face. In all, I created over 300 images. And still going!

A MAP OF THE WORLD image by me; the overlay here is a photo that I took of an original handwritten manuscript by Mozart, which was on display at The British Library when we visited London in 2019.

I have assembled a book of these photos and hope to publish soon, but for now, you can sneak a peek here. You can also follow my newest Instagram account, DangerKatt’s Map of the World. Previous to the new account, I also posted Map of the World photos at my Daniel Corey photography account once a day for 100 days, near the end of 2020/start of 2021.

Although my wife and I were alone and isolated during quarantine for most of 2020, I wanted to take photos to share with friends. I had nothing to work with but myself, so I got into the habit of taking pictures of my eyes. That eventually evolved into creating collages over my face that reflected my mood. The string of images that resulted basically plotted my journey through the pandemic.

The overlay here is from one of our many 2020 sunset journeys to Malibu.

Here is a collection of my Map of the World series for you to enjoy. I have expanded the concept to include photos of my friend’s faces, and I will be posting those at the new DangerKatt Map of the World Instagram soon, as well.

The Beginning: I took this photo very early in quarantine, and over a period of months, I kept dirtying it up, adding scars and scabs; I eventually sought to heal this photo by combining it with things that I love.
A treasure map across my face; when the world opens, you can bet I’ll be traveling again!
Mood: A Chameleon face from the MAP OF THE WORLD collection.
Mood for a rainy day.
A view of Downtown Los Angeles, my adopted city; I took this photo from atop the US Bank Tower.
Created during a night of bad health; the overlay is a photo of a pile of skulls that I took in the Paris Catacombs during a 2019 visit.
From a photo that I took of a handwritten manuscript by J.S. Bach, also at The British Library.
A photo that I snapped of the River Seine in Paris.
Another map! Can’t get enough of these.
I call this one “Angry Pac-Man.”
From a visit to Santa Clarita; a Saturday sightseeing drive during quarantine.
Mood: Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.
One of my most recent designs! The world is coming back!
From my #SqibPortraits variant series; the overlay is from a handwritten manuscript by William Blake, also at The British Library.
A collection of #SquibPortrait variants.
A collage of all of my MAP OF THE WORLD portraits.
How it all ended up: still scarred, but a little cleaner and brighter for the experience.
A look at the Laurel Harris collection!
An overview of the Amanda Raymond collection!
A special sneak preview of the Alexx Calise collection!

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A photo mosaic of all of my Map of the World photos, created at

Until next time, DangerKatts!

– Daniel Corey

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