MAP OF THE WORLD: A New Day in 2022

Words and Images by Daniel Corey

It’s a new year for DangerKatt and MAP OF THE WORLD! So many exciting things have happened!

I first told you all about my MAP OF THE WORLD project in a previous article, MAP OF THE WORLD: A Year of Moods, Faces, and Triumphs. During the throes of 2020 quarantine, having not much else to work with, I started taking up-close pictures of my face and eyes. I then started blending my face with images of things that I love: music, books, memories of past travels, etc. I also started adorning my face with images of maps, to make a statement about how we’d soon be taking the world back.

Fast-forward to 2022, and the world is coming back, but very slowly. The pandemic is still present, but we have tools to fight it. The world is in a terrible state of unrest and danger, but at the very least, it looks like C*VID may be a memory sometime in the foreseeable future. For 2022 and beyond, MAP OF THE WORLD will be about going into the world and finding new things, new adventures in music, books, history, and culture.

A wonderful coup for MAP OF THE WORLD in 2021 was when Spanish art magazine WhitePaperby did a feature interview with me, titled Daniel Corey, un artista marcado por el confinamiento y la esperanza, or Daniel Corey, an artist marked by confinement and hope.

Another exciting development: MAP OF THE WORLD is now an award-winning photo series! MOTW has garnered 8 first-place accolades from film festivals in 8 countries!

A brief highlight of some of my latest work follows. You can see all of my latest MAP OF THE WORLD works at my DangerKatt World Instagram.

From an antique Chinese book that I found titled “Excerpts from the Eighteen History Books.”
Also from “Excerpts from the Eighteen History Books.”
A map image combined with a French letter, from a collection of French correspondence that I found, dated 1787.
Also from the French letters. A few more follow…
A feather found on the beach in Malibu.
A macro shot of Monet’s “Water Lilies” painting, (respectfully) taken from the original painting.
A macro shot of Van Gogh’s “The Mulberry Tree,” also taken (respectfully) from the original painting.
From a Portuguese Air ticket, which I found in an antique shop, dated 1982. Among a pile of papers documenting someone’s trip to Europe, now 40 years ago.
From a World War II food ration book, dated 1943.
A gentlemen who lived 15 minutes from where I live now had to use this to buy food every week.
From an antique piano at Parlour Barbershop in Burbank, where I get my hair cut.
From an 1910 atlas, found at the Downtown Central Library here in Los Angeles.
From the same 1910 atlas.
An antique, rusted key that I found at a shop in Burbank.
From an antique Japanese Noh play script, acquired from Peter Lai’s Japanese Village in Little Tokyo.
Two more follow.
The optical soundtrack from a 35mm projection film strip of “Blade Runner.”
Specifically, the sound of Rachel’s entrance.
From my “Single Vision” collection, my eye peering through the aged paper of one of those 1787 French letters.

Be on the lookout for a MAP OF THE WORLD coffee table book, coming soon! Stay tuned, DangerKatts!

  • Daniel Corey