DangerKatt’s PROPHET a Finalist in the Big Apple!

By Daniel Corey

Prophet Cover Art by Anthony Diecidue

I’m happy to announce that my screenplay based on my first DangerKatt graphic novel, Prophet, is a finalist in the NYC Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition!

Prophet Artwork by Anthony Diecidue

Prophet was a real labor of love that artist Anthony Diecidue and I worked on from 2007-2009. It was the first comic that both of us ever created, and it was quite an adventure! From there, Anthony and I would go on to collaborate on Moriarty, which was picked up by Image Comics, triggering a decade-plus journey through the comics and convention scene! So, this project means a lot to us.

If you check out Prophet’s IMDb page, you will see that a big-screen version is currently in development, with award-winning director James Cotten attached. Hoping for big things to happen with this homegrown project!

Prophet Artwork by Anthony Diecidue

Check out artist Anthony Diecidue at Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artofant

And follow Anthony on Instagram: https://instagram.com/artofant?igshid=lg04umue80fe

Buy Prophet on Comixology: http://bit.ly/cxprophet

Thanks for your continued support, DangerKatts! And thanks to the Big Apple Film Fest for believing in my project!

– Daniel Corey

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