Laurel Harris Brings BLOODWORTH to Life

by Daniel Corey

Laurel Harris as Agent Bloodworth

A few years back, I wrote and created a comic miniseries titled BLOODWORTH with artist Chris Fenoglio. The project was quite the labor of love, and took the better part of five years to complete. One evening in the summer of 2017, in the midst of this creative process, I was at a Band of Horses concert with my good friend, actress Laurel Harris. Laurel told me, “I’d like to be Bloodworth. You want to do a photoshoot?” And thus began yet another BLOODWORTH collaboration that would take on a life of its own.

Agent Brenda Bloodworth, the titular character of my comic series, is a hardboiled FBI agent in the near future that can enter people’s memories to solve crimes. Here are a few examples of Chris’ original BLOODWORTH cover art.

Bloodworth comic art by Chris Fenoglio
Bloodworth comic art by Chris Fenoglio

Bloodworth is not pleasant, never smiles. Doesn’t dress nice, isn’t great at parties. She can outdrink you, out-cuss you, beat you in arm wrestling AND thumb war, and she’s at least 100 times smarter than you. It was great role for Laurel to take on, as Laurel is a very pleasant and funny human, but also a complete badass in that she has worked with top talent like Willem Dafoe and Stephen Sommers, danced Swan Lake, has met and interviewed the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and has also won an Emmy. None of us have done any of those things. Laurel has. She was perfect for the role. (And, BTW, Laurel is also 100 times smarter than you.)

Laurel Harris with Willem Dafoe in Stephen Sommer’s adaptation of Dean Koontz’s “Odd Thomas”

Laurel and I teamed up with photographer Jesse Saler and hair and makeup artist Mary-Kate Gales to transform Laurel into Bloodworth. Mary-Kate made Laurel look like Bloodworth, Jesse skillfully took amazing photos, and I spent months in post placing Laurel/Agent Bloodworth into futuristic environments. And, as a bonus, Batfarm frontwoman Alexx Calise joined the team by providing an official BLOODWORTH theme song.

Hair and makeup artist Mary-Kate Gales
Laurel Harris with hair and makeup artist Mary-Kate Gales

Here’s an animated trailer that I created for the BLOODWORTH comic using Chris’ art.

And here’s a look at Laurel Harris as Agent Bloodworth.

I animated some of the photos and created a sizzle reel that incorporated Alexx’s raging rock anthem, Pull It (Bullet).

The journey of BLOODWORTH has been a great ride, and I’m glad to have wonderful friends onboard to help me along. AND…you may be hearing some big news about BLOODWORTH in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!

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