Blade Runner 40th Anniversary Celebration: A Visit to The Bradbury

Text and Images by Daniel Corey

“Did you get your precious photos?” – Rutger Hauer as “Roy Batty,” Blade Runner, 1982

This past weekend was very special, as Saturday, June 25th marked the 40th anniversary of Blade Runner. To start things off, I was happy to be able to participate in a spirited and pleasant panel discussion about the film with Bryant Dillon, Matt Yuan and John Yuan on Fanbase Press‘s The Fanbase Weekly podcast. (I will be posting that to my socials when it’s available!)

After that, my wife Brenda and I had a chance to visit the iconic Bradbury Building, the most famous Los Angeles location featured in Blade Runner. In the film, The Bradbury is home to inventor J.F. Sebastian, who was wonderfully played by William Sanderson. The Bradbury has been closed to the public for the past two years due to the pandemic, and was open this day for an art show. It was a fantastic afternoon, and I took many photos, which I am posting here for you, dear reader, to enjoy.

A wonderful bonus was the fact that we had the opportunity to view photo prints by Blade Runner set photographer Stephen Vaughan. I have been wanting to see these for a long time! You’ll see his photos in the pics below, as well as some views of the building.

Stay tuned! More Blade Runner magic to come!

  • Daniel Corey

“Brenda Contemplates”
“Brenda Contemplates II”
A Stephen Vaughan Portrait of Harrison Ford,
aka Rick Deckard
A Stephen Vaughan shot of Deckard in shadow
A Stephen Vaughan portrait of Harrison Ford and Sean Young,
aka Deckard and Rachel
Brenda contemplates Stephen Vaughan’s portrait of Sean Young
Stephen Vaughan’s portrait of Sean Young

“Zorba Awaits”

The Million Dollar Theatre,
also featured in the film